Solidarity Symi maintains an emergency preparedness to support any new refugee arrivals to the island.

Meanwhile, some 60,000 people seeking asylum in Europe (a majority fleeing war or persecution) are stuck in Greece. Many thousands of them have been existing for months in hastily-erected camps, on the streets or in prison.

Solidarity Symi is currently delivering humanitarian support to families living in Rhodes’ informal refugee camp.

Working alongside Rhodes’ Municipality and UNHCR, we’re funding a food and nutrition programme, designed to improve the health, wellbeing and hope of camp residents.

With your support, they’re able to plan, shop-for and prepare their own meals. This is empowering for people who have little control over any other aspect of their lives, at present.

Our previous project activities include:

  •  No Child to Sleep in the Street
  •  Winter Public Meeting/Debate Forum
  • Emergency Life Support Training

We’ve also partnered with volunteers helping refugees in Kastellorizo . We provided emergency resources and purchased a shipping container for storage and distribution, after a devastating fire left them without a base.

Advocacy work has included help to house the homeless from Rhodes to Athens.