Thanks to your generosity during the summer, 250 refugees living in Leros camp received the simple gift of flip-flops – keeping them a little cooler. Most of the guests arrived in winter or early spring with no footwear suitable for outdoor life in 40 degree summer heat.

Working alongside UNHCR and charity, Echo100 Plus on Leros, 100 cool boxes are being provided.

Basic accommodation units for more than 600 people have no refrigeration. A cool box affords guests the chance to store nutritious and perishable items of food and drink. It reduces waste and saves money.

We’re also partnering with Echo100 Plus to help three Syrian refugees educate their younger guests. Structured classes are held in English and Arabic, ensuring the children continue to study essential subjects including maths and geography.

Solidarity Symi is providing basic resources from books and pens to paper and whiteboards.


Donations can still be made via our Greek Bank account